Property Castell de Santueri between Porto Colom and Felanitx

The Castell de Santueri in Porto Colom / Felanitx
The Castell de Santueri at Porto Colom and Felanitx, with its magnificent vista of Porto Colom and the surrounding area a favorite destination and an absolute attraction for real property owners and tourists on Mallorca. Learn more in the article for "Castell de Santueri.

The castle Castell de Santueri "(about 410 m altitude) between Porto Colom and Felanitx is just a ridge away from the famous pilgrimage to the monastery mountain Mallorca Sant Salvador Felanitx removed. The castle Castell de Santueri "Unfortunately, even today only a ruin, with ramparts, different, dilapidated buildings and an overgrown with wild grass Plato.

The entrance to the castle "Castell de Santueri" is now closed and is unfortunately only a few times a year to make certain ceremonies of the municipality of Felanitx the public. However, already enjoy the forecourt of the Castell de Santueri can get a spectacular view of, inter alia, Porto Colom.
Both mountains (Castell de Santueri and the opposite Klosterberg Sant Salvador) belong to the Serra de Llevant Mallorcas.Wobei East region Felanitx and Porto Colom to Majorca's south - will be counted for Migjorn. So we are in the border area of both regions - south-east of Mallorca!
The Castell de Santueri at Felanitx is due to his great foresight (as I said, inter alia, in Porto Colom) is a real attraction for the tip. And heard during a visit to Majorca just southeast of it!

From Porto Colom from the Castell de Santueri is easily reached in different ways. Our recommendation of Porto Colom from mountain biking. But even with the car and of course on foot, it is of Porto Colom is not very far. However, it would be something better and faster if you walk on foot from Porto Colom from the Castell de Santueri a small part to travel by car. From Porto Colom of up to s'Horta it's less than 5 minutes by car and the highway is not very good for pedestrians. The parking lot at the football club of s'Horta is a very good starting point for
Back to the Castell de Santueri to walk (about one hour walk). The route is well signposted.

The castle Castell de Santueri in Porto Colom goes back to Roman times (ca. 123 BC).
The Romans built on the hill between Felanitx Porto Colom and the first fortress. Later the Moors built (ca. 902 AD), the strategically situated fortress to fortress. There the Muslims were in 1229 a year of occupation and expulsion of Mallorca by James I of Aragon was. In the 14th century castle Castell de Santueri for the protection and retreat for the people of Porto Colom and Felanitx served before the pirate attacks and was expanded extensively. Since 18 Century, the castle Castell de Santueri no longer in use, and fell gradually.
Today the castle Castell de Santueri or the grassy Plato, the home of two sheep, the judge there to probably the coat / fur for years are forgotten. Enough food for two and the protection of the castle walls, high enthroned on Porto Colom and Felanitx, it must be einzufriedenes animal life well!

According to legend, there is a cave of Castle Castell de Santueri should lead to the foot of the mountain in the direction of Porto Colom. This flight and on channels, however, is still undiscovered. However, for "adventurers" but accessible when knowing where, there are several caves below the castle. this, it gives tips and at the office of MIC Balear in Porto Colom ...