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Mallorca - a dream for your next vacation? Perhaps the Balearic Islands have already been your second home, because they have a flat. Learn more about your favorite island.
Geography and nature of Mallorca

Which is ideal for leisure and real estate owners from around the world very popular Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca about 170 miles east of Barcelona and the Spanish mainland. Mallorca has about 3603 km ² the largest of the Balearic Islands. The size of Mallorca extends from south to north up. about 78 km and from east to west about 98 km.
The coastline of Majorca is approximately 550 km. For the two smaller islands are Mallorca Cabrera (18 km ²) and Sat Dragonea (about 3 km ²).

Mallorca consists of six landscape zones:

The Sierra de Tramuntana is one, on the north coast of Mallorca, located about 90 km long mountain range. There is the highest elevation Mallorca, Puig Major with approximately 1445 m.

It Raiguer means the region between the mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana in the north of Mallorca and the center of Mallorca (Pla de Mallorca).

The plane Plá de Mallorca is the center of Mallorca. The highest peak, Puig de Randa with 542 m, lies in the transition area to the south of Mallorca (Migjorn the region).

Llevant means the area on the east coast of Mallorca, in the east and north-east of Mallorca in Mallorca. The mountain range in eastern Llevant Serres de Mallorca is the highest mountain Puig Morei (approx. 561 m) is much smaller than the Sierra de Tramuntana in the west of Mallorca.

Migjorn means the landscape in the south region of Mallorca. The highest mountain is Puig Sant Salvador at 509 m. Mallorca South / Southern Region Migjorn has a beautiful coastline in the west lying S'Arenal to Porto Colom on the east of Mallorca.

The region with the capital Palma Palma de Mallorca, the large bay of Palma and Palma's port (the largest and most important port of Majorca) is located in the southwest of Mallorca.

The climate is temperate subtropical in Mallorca.
Mallorca has short, mild but wet winters. In the summer months there is little rainfall in Majorca and in the interior of the island, temperatures of up to 40 c degrees. Mallorca average temperatures in the summer of 21-25 ° c in winter to 9-10 c °.

Flora and fauna of Mallorca.
The flora of Mallorca consists of over 1,500 species. Where to go against the fauna of Majorca Kingdom is much less species. In Mallorca there are rather few wild mammals that usually are feral animals (eg goats). Also found in Mallorca reptiles and amphibians. Mallorca is the habitat of many bird species.

Culture and environment in Mallorca
Mallorca is not just beaches! There are many attractions on Majorca such as: museums, art galleries, monuments and other important buildings. There is also an opera, concerts and plays in Mallorca.

People and traditions in Mallorca
In Mallorca, approximately 814 000 inhabitants are reported. Ca. 50% of Befölkerung live in Mallorca Palma de Mallorca, the capital of Majorca. Ca. 16.5% of the inhabitants of Majorca are foreigners. The "natives" Mallorca "will be called Mallorqui. On Mallorca the Catalan dialect "Mallorqui" and Spanish are spoken.
The tourism in Mallorca is about 75% of the largest economic sector. Followed by Mallorca Real Estate and Construction industry (about 10%) and agriculture.

History and Legends of Mallorca.
The story begins in Mallorca after a prehistoric remains around 3500 BC
v with the culture Talaiot (known for their massive Steinplattenbauten) in 1500 AD
The Romans conquered in 123 BC and CM Mallorca Balearius founded the cities of Palma and Arta. After the Vandals back to the Romans, the Moors, conquered Argonian schleisslich 1229 under Jaume I, Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. 1276 is founded by James II, the Kingdom of Mallorca.
Argon Province Mallorca in 1349 and is governed from the mainland.
In the 19th century is one of the tourism in Mallorca.
1983 autonomy Majorca and the Balearic Islands.

Ghosts and goblins floating on Mallorca in Puigpunyent Galatzo on the mountain (1026m altitude) up to mischief. The relatively harmless goblins "dimonis Bonet de Mallorca limit" to steal jokes like household goods, furniture and disturb animals free.
The best known and also most malignant spirit of Mallorca drives his craft on the valley of Mount Galatzo, one of the most beautiful nature reserves Majorca "Reserva Galatzo. It is the spirit "Comete time," Don Ramòn Zafortessa an evil count, who tormented his subjects in his lifetime and after his death in 1694 to haunt his green, fire-breathing horse at night.

Robin Hood in Mallorca
The mallorquienische Robin Hood "En Rotget was" a bandit who fired from his attacks on the wealthy mallorquí, the arms of Mallorca is always a percentage and so earned the sympathy of the people. What he, unfortunately for his execution can not continue to help.

Dragon on Mallorca "Drac de Coca"
The dragon monster was invading the city of Palma de Mallorca (children devoured and mutilated adults). Until the Knight Bartomeu Coch him after a bitter fight in the streets of Palma de Mallorca took to the track. And thus killing the dragon in the history of Palma or better captured the legends of Mallorca.
True essence of the legend of the dragon of Palma de Mallorca and his conqueror, the more of a sad story and the sad fate of a crocodile, which can as a baby from Africa by boat to Majorca. After the crocodile had become too large and cumbersome, the owner has simply exposed. In the cloaca Palma de Mallorca at home and grown up, it came to the taste of human flesh and became a threat, then set the "dragon slayer Majorca" to an end.
In Diocesà Museum in Palma de Mallorca, the embalmed "There are Drac admired.