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Boredom in your holiday to Mallorca Never fear!
Leisure and interesting activities for the whole family in Porto Colom and the south east of Mallorca.
Porto Colom in the southeast of Mallorca exudes calm and serenity.
The ideal place to relax. The mild climate in Mallorca, of course, contributes its part to help. Mountains (Serres de Llevant) and sea (bay of Porto Colom) so close together, not only offers the perfect setting to relax and enjoy, the region around Porto Colom and the south east of Mallorca offers fantastic sporting facilities.

Relaxed "activities" in Porto Colom

As for example:
  •  The Mediterranean cuisine of Mallorca to enjoy in one of the many good restaurants in Porto Colom.    experience * In one of the cafes on the waterfront of Porto Colom, the beautiful ambience of the original yet Mallorca.
  • In the evening you can stop in one of the bars and taverns.
  • Celebrations. If you want to experience on your holiday in Mallorca Porto Colom also something at night, then you do not need to necessarily go to Palme de Mallorca. There are also in Porto Colom one or two clubs. These are smaller, but the mood is for bigger. More is going on as early as this nearby Cala d'Or (about 13 km from Porto Colom), here the night turns into day.
  • "Sunbathing and lazing around in the Mediterranean sun of Majorca, whether on your Finca one of the beautiful beaches of Porto Colom.
  • Baden. After the sun comes the refreshing course, proper bathing. Whether in the sea on one of the beautiful sand of Porto Colom or tear in the great pool of your finca or apartment in Mallorca
  • Read. In the shade in a hammock or on the couch finally read the book that you are already on the shelf since Christmas, but always lacked the time. Well, your holiday in Porto Colom in Majorca and is excellently.
  • Photography. Photographer, whether amateur or professional come in Porto Colom fully and completely at your expense. Not for nothing Porto Colom is a fantastic postcards. Every season there in Porto Colom unique motifs to discover and shoot of course ""!
  • Painting. The same goes for the artist to draw the motive Porto Colom and muse to paint beautifully and is
  • Art. In general, the Balearic Islands and Mallorca and a popular tourist destination home to many artists of all kinds Mallorca seems to be a good inspiration to be. Regardless of whether musicians, actors, fashion and jewelry designer, or simply "Survivor", Mallorca should it be.

Activities in the southeast of Mallorca. From Porto Colom there are many more opportunities for the whole family. Day trips across the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca, Shopping and Entertainment in Palma de Mallorca or short trips in the vicinity of Porto Colom (eg to Sant Salvador or the Castell de Santueri in Felanitx). More interesting information about trips to Mallorca They get us Mic Balear.

Activities on the water. Apart from Mallorca-trips on foot, bicycle, motorcycle and car, there are also very beautiful and relaxing boat tours around Porto Colom and the southeast of Mallorca. Whether large sailing ship (yacht), or motorboat, we will gladly arrange a suitable carrier directly at the port of Porto Colom.

Glasbottomboat. In the port of Porto Colom, you will also find a large "excursion steamer, which you can book half-day tours from Porto Colom by the beautiful bays on the southeast coast of Mallorca. Is anchored in the bays for a swim - very brave to jump off the second deck (about 5.5 m high) into the water. Especially on the boat is the hull, or better, as it is a catamaran with two hulls is large glass windows under water. It will give you the opportunity offered the underwater world from Porto Colom to look out of water.

Sport around Porto Colom

For leisure, of course, includes the Sport!
Except maybe "winter" you have all the opportunities to practice your favorite sport Mallorca.
  • Water sports. Da Porto Colom is located in first line, water is all written here GROSS. More on this in our article on water ....
  • Sport in Porto Colom on land and in the southeast of Mallorca. Mountains and countryside - great!
More in our own article Sport in Porto Colom.

For more information, we are of MIC Balear your disposal.