Property Motorboat Porto Colom

Experience the beautiful southeast coast of Mallorca from the motorboat.
The Mallorca holiday will be perfect with a boat tour! Watersports in the bay of Porto Colom or secluded coves on the southeast coast of Mallorca discover.
Motorboat, swimming, diving, snorkeling, water skiing, wakeboarding, banana and donut.

Discover the beautiful coastline and is the wonderful secluded bays around Porto Colom on the Mororboot.
In close proximity to Porto Colom, the bays:

    * Cala Marcal
    * Cala Brafi
    * Cala Estreta
    * Cala Sanau
    * Cala Mitjana

If you do not have a boat in the port of Porto Colom, we can arrange a boat rental on site. With license you are driving from the beautiful beaches on the coast of Mallorca, without a license "Rennpappe" there is the possibility of a boat with skipper (driver for hire). We recommend a skipper who knows himself well, and you can spend carefree. A day in the sea around Porto Colom is in Majorca holiday makers and property owners popular. Who owns one's own country house in Mallorca, who may also own Llaüt in the port of Porto Colom. The Llaüt is the classic Mallorcan Motorbötchen. Back to the days at sea and along the coast from Porto Colom. You can bathe visit the secluded bays of Mallorca, then in a wonderfully clear and blue water. Or just sunbathing - but cautiously, on the sea, the sun of Majorca is more intense by a multiple - a high sun protection is recommended, even for already tanned skin! Also sunglasses and a hat is not forgotten.

Snorkeling Porto Colom
Mask and snorkel gear to bring, it's worth it! The beautiful bays on the southeast coast of Mallorca are not only suitable for swimming, but also very good for snorkeling and diving. The underwater world of Porto Colom is already on the nearby coast is very beautiful. Divers bottle is not necessary.

Water skiing, wakeboarding, donut and banana Porto Colom
With a sufficiently powered boat you can go outside the harbor of Porto Colom also water ski, wakeboard and wakeskate (wakeboarding Ohen foot attachment).
Great fun and a real sporting challenge against the coast from Porto Colom. Just ask at our office, we provide you with a boat rental company with experience and know-how. Degree to start out of the water when water skiing or wakeboarding, it is important that the boat driver know what he does. When cornering at water skiing or wakeboard riders should also certain curve radii are observed. All a matter of experience, which decides on fun and frustration on the sea of Mallorca! We provide you with not only your house, apartment or your dream home on Mallorca and in Porto Colom, we put on our good contacts for your leisure entertainment. Just ask us in the office of MIC Balear.

Photos of the coast from Porto Colom
Not forget your camera! A photo of the harbor of Porto Colom, with the lighthouse on Sa Punta and the port basin is from the sea from a very nice postcard-motive and the way a nice souvenir of your Mallorca holiday!