Property Pirates in Mallorca

Piratenspektalel and popular festivals in Mallorca
The pirate in Mallorca, Sóller is celebrated every year, colorful and wild. A spectacle for tourists and a place of interest, and property owners alike.

Pirates Mallorca

The "pirate" on Mallorca (more precisely, is on 10 May in Sóller) back to the battle of 11 May 1561 where the Mallorcans managed successfully fend off the pirates.

The pirates were in the Mediterranean region, the Balearic Islands and especially in Mallorca a recurring threat. The pirates, Mallorca and the Balearic Islands afflicted, came from the Ottoman Empire. There she had met in 1539, an agreement with the Sultan. If the pirates do not sail directly under the banner of the Sultan, they had a charter of the Sultan and enjoyed in all ports of the Ottoman Empire protection. Of course, the Agreement on the great financial benefit to the Sultan and not out of kindness. Then took the pirate problem in the Mediterranean (not just on Mallorca) upper hand, so that the Spanish king was forced to act. Not only the Balearic Islands and Mallorca were affected, but the maritime traffic and trade throughout the Mediterranean.
With a fleet of Majorcan expedition from Mallorca to the northern coast of Africa, prisoners were taken. They were persuaded by the Mallorcans with the then customary interrogation techniques "to reveal all the plans of the buccaneers. It was known that a large attack was imminent the pirates on Mallorca. Since we could not address the precise objectives to find out all the coastal municipalities of Mallorca were alerted.
Mallorca Sun was prepared to attack the pirates. Especially in Soller on the west coast of Majorca preparations were going on. The Mallorcan from Soller had pirate attack and the devastating raid of 1542 still in a cruel reminder. At that time, Sóller almost completely destroyed and many people were abducted.

On 11 May 1561 came the pirates with about 23 ships to Mallorca. However, the Mallorcan from Soller and the entire coast of Mallorca were warned. The day before the pirate fleet in Ibiza was seen often. then when the guard in the mountains above the port town of Soller alarms went off, the Mallorcan was already armed and ready for defense. The then General von Sóller Angelats Joan had made a "force" of about 600 men under arms against the pirate attack. It is of the most simple men from the population of Mallorca acted the part with its own weapons (muskets, swords, to agricultural implements such as pitchforks) were armed.
The men not only came from Sóller, men from Alaro, Bunyola, and from the mountains of the west coast of Mallorca (Sierra de Tramuntana) joined together to expel the enemy from Mallorca.

The pirate battle for and on behalf of Sóller in Mallorca took place as follows:
Ca. 600 men from Mallorca were offset about 1,700 pirates, however, was the element of surprise on the side of the Mallorcan. Ca 1000 Pirates ran straight in the exact positions of the defenders of Mallorca. This 1000 pirates were successfully stopped in spite of superior numbers, the positions were no more pirates to penetrate to Mallorca. However, the Pirates were good tactician and understood their business, so there is another pirate party had about 700 pirates on a detour from behind approached to Sóller. They plundered the defenseless there undisturbed Sóller. The right tactics with the numerically far inferior men from Majorca in General Angelats was at the end Deciding. At the first thought to lead the troops back to Soller, he decided to hold the position and to the pirates who had plundered the way back Sóller block. The tactic was full on - the pirate booty and prisoners had to leave midway and fled to their ships. The pirates left Mallorca impressed, depleted, and empty-handed.

The pirate show in Mallorca is about 156 years later today in Sóller a solid holiday. This one should not miss no matter whether a tourist or property owners. Wild is re-enacted the battle in detail. The then usual costumes and clothes are worn with wooden swords (replicas of swords and axes and swords) beaten into wild on each other. The pirates are partially angepinselt pitch-black (as the Moors).
After the battle won is held out. Not to be missed!