Property Plà de Mallorca

The original landscape between the Tramuntana and Llevant
The plane Plà de Mallorca is the center of Majorca and offers the property owner and the tourists the real Mallorca. Learn more about the Plà level of Mallorca.
Geography and nature of the Pla de Mallorca

The plane Plà de Mallorca is located in the center of Mallorca, making this. Puig de Randa is the highest elevation of 540 m, adjacent to the southern region of Mallorca, the Migjorn. The Plà de Mallorca is approximately 17% of Majorca, and only 5% of the total population of Mallorca. The region of the Plà de Mallorca, as compared to other regions of Mallorca settled comparatively little. In the Plà level Mallorca is very little development, agriculture and forestry occupy the largest area and are clearly in this area of Mallorca in the foreground. The Plà de Mallorca is dominated by almond, carob trees and grain fields.

Culture & ambience of the Pla de Mallorca

For tourists is not very popular, middle of Majorca and stayed weitestgehenst spared tourist influences. In the Plà de Mallorca is still the old and original Mallorca! In the Plà de Mallorca, there is the typical windmills Mallorca (now replaced by electric pumps weitestgehenst), small castles and palaces.
In Sineu was the grain trade and main hub of Mallorca. 1309 was in Sineu the Palace (the royal residence built in Mallorca). 1503 was from the Palace of Sineu a monastery. The first paved roads were the connections of Majorca Palma de Majorca, Sineu. Because of this connection was e.g. the market for Mallorca still known of Sineu. Here today, products from the middle of Majorca are offered.
Churches and monasteries settled in the middle of Majorca and the village communities were formed around the churches (such as Cura, Monte Sion and Bonany).

Porreres was by his Leinweberreibetriebe bigger and broke in the 18th Sineu century as the largest city in the Plà de Mallorca from. From 19 Century Porreres but loses in importance.

In the Plà de Mallorca, there are plenty of dry stone walls that are so typical of Mallorca. This "Mallorca walls" are actually created out of necessity. It was Pebbles, which interfered with the cultivation and of course had to be dissipated. So they were piled on the property boundaries or masonry. Thus, by and by courts of Majorca, with its plots to entire communities walled in ".

After the 19th Century, the phylloxera vine growing on Mallorca and in the Plà was destroyed, completely dispenses with the wine. Today is 90% of Wenproduktion Mallorca from the Southern Region of Mallorca ...

People and traditions of the Plà de Mallorca

The terraces and elaborate irrigation systems were brought by the Moors from 902 AD in the Plà de Mallorca.

History and Legends of the Plà de Mallorca

From the year 2000 BC came the stone structures of Talayotkultur, the true natives of Majorca. The stone building dating from prehistoric times can be found in Mallorca and Costix Montuiri.