Property Portocolom with your Dog

Ideal conditions for your "best friend".
Whether you own a flat in Porto Colom, or you make our holiday as a guest in one of our vacation rentals in Porto Colom holidays - the best friend will be there! To keep your dog on holiday in Mallorca and Porto Colom also enjoy can we have some tips for you.
We start in getting to Mallorca and Porto Colom. If you travel by plane to Mallorca and your dog more than 7 kg with dogs travel bag weighs (kg limit be varied according to airline), then the dog must travel in a Hundereisebox together with the luggage in the aircraft belly. For this, we strongly recommend to choose a flight time, which excludes an arrival or departure to / from the airport of Palma de Mallorca in the middle of the day! You want to NOT that your dog will be parked in the blazing midday sun of Mallorca in his box on the runway! The airport employee travel box Mallorca treat your best friend as luggage. If you do not have "hot dog" or say how the Mallorqui would "perro caliente" want, then avoid this risk! The travel time for our holiday properties are flexible when you travel in your own property, you are definitely bound by any time.

In Mallorca and Porto Colom arrived with the dog.
- What is eighth in Porto Colom with the dog
- Where in Porto Colom, the dog is welcome and where not

The sandy beaches of Porto Colom Cala Marcal and Arenal are prohibited to dogs. Even if one does there always dogs run free if the police come, it can be expensive. So better to refrain from using the dog to the beach of the Cala Marcal or Arenal to visit!
The coastline of the old town of Porto Colom Sa Punta up to the peninsula is not forbidden for dogs. However, the coastline is along the road to Sa Punta not good to walk around with your dog (or swimming) as the road is just too far and too dangerous for the dogs.
On the rocky beach of Porto Colom S'Algar the dog is welcome. Here your dog can run freely, go swimming and play with other dogs. The stone beach "S'Algar is" meeting place for the dog owner of Porto Colom, Felanitx, Cala Murada.

From the beach you can also S'Algar wonderful trail between Porto Colom and Cala Murada walk. You just go through the little iron gate, which is located on the left when you arrive at the stone beach S'Algar. In about 40 minutes to Porto Colom, Cala Murada. Or one of the paths to follow to the right on the coast of Sa Punta along. The terrain is not ideal for the dog, since very rocky and stony, but probably the best that has Porto Colom to provide for free running dogs. If you do not grad owner or tenant of a house with large lawn area are. Public lawns in Porto Colom are generally prohibited for the dog. Extra fields are not dogs in Porto Colom.
Ask us about Balear MIC for the ideal property, villas, chalet or villa in Porto Colom with dog!

For dogs with a lot less hunting instinct and obedience:
- In the area around S'Algar, Sa Punta, there are many rabbits. If you are concerned, therefore, that you run off your dog in the heat of battle, hunting perhaps they should let her best friend better on a leash!

If your pet should get sick sometimes, there is also a veterinarian in Porto Colom.
- Address Tel follow u

We also recommend the animal hospital in Manacor. You are in Porto Colom by car in about 30 minutes Manacor.
- Mon Veterinari
- Paseo Ferrocarril 100, 07200 Felanitx
- Tel: +34 971554265 - E-mail:

If your animal (the horse to the rabbit) has a complicated eye injuries, we recommend the animal eye specialist of Mallorca. The practice is located in Palma de Mallorca and Porto Colom made by car in about 1 hour away.
- Dra. Amparo Jover Casasnovas
- Oftalmologia Veterinaria
- Caro Calle 37, 07013 Palma de Mallorca
- Tel: +34 617430615 - E-mail:

There are also in Palma de Mallorca a 24-hour emergency animal practice. By car from Porto Colom out also within about 1 hour.
- Calandri - Hospital Veterinari
- Reina Esclaramunda 6, (bajos)
- Tel: +34 971726666 - E-mail

Animal feed. The Lord will eat in one of the beautiful restaurants in Porto Colom, and your best friend? If you can not find the right food for your dog in one of the supermarkets in Porto Colom, Felanitx or Cala D'or, then there is a food retailer in Calonge, who is also leading German brand food. Calonge is a small village between Porto Colom and Cala d'Or, the dealer can not miss you. There are all sorts of accessories like collars, leashes, dog beds, toys and treats to buy.

There is no official pub dog is not in Porto Colom. But this in Felanitx and Manacor.
- Address Tel u u opening times

Wishing you a wonderful holiday with your dog MIC Balear.