Property Typical food of Mallorca

Mediterranean delights in discovering your Mallorca holiday.
The Mallorcan cuisine offers many features, the black pigs are just as delicious typical of Mallorca as sobrasada or Ensaimadas. A life without the typical kitchen would be inconceivable on the island.
Mallorca, Isla de la Calma, is the intersection of Seehandelswege of the Mediterranean. In this position she was an early target large merchants, and rapacious pirates. Romans, Englishmen, Carthaginians, French, Italians, Turks, Arabs and Spaniards have marked with their various visits to the kitchen culture of Majorca.

Mallorca offers a wide range while their own products. The combination of rural culture in the fertile inland fisheries on the coasts and an interesting mix has emerged.

Majorca "black pigs" are famous and the ham made from it an important export commodity of the island. Mostly they are grown in free range and have lots of exercise. The meat is so solid, well marbled and very aromatic. It is ideal for large roasts and barbecue.

All over the island you can see flocks of sheep meat is shipped throughout the year fresh. The best are the young Mallorcan milk lambs that have grazed on the wild herbs of the fields and thus "vorgewürzt" are.

Another specialty of Mallorca are the rabbits in hunting season as a wild and bred but the whole year more than in all markets.

You will also be on the Mallorcan markets plenty of geese, ducks found, guinea fowl, quail and pigeons in excellent quality.

On vegetables are grown all over the island, in the open but also in large greenhouses. In addition to tomatoes and potatoes you can find artichokes, beans, chickpeas, cabbage, zucchini before and everything. Rightly famous is the delicious green asparagus, which grows wild.

Throughout the year ripe oranges and lemons. It is a special experience, when the orange trees bear fruit and flower simultaneously. Typical of Mallorca are also pomegranates and figs.

To Andratx, Felanitx, Petra, Manacor Porreres and large vineyards and wineries are located.

In January and February, large areas of Mallorca are of a pink-white veil covered with almond blossoms. This sight is really worth a visit. Not for nothing is the almond cake is one of the national dishes.

Olives are grown in large quantities all over the island. They are fresh, preserved or oil on the market.

Wild thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, juniper, oregano, sage and mint can be found all over Mallorca. In the spring of saffron is harvested, which is very good and inexpensive.

There are plenty of fish in Mallorca, which is however mainly from the import.

The Romans built on Mallorca wine. Especially in recent years, the winemakers of Mallorca have produced some excellent wines that find great success internationally.

As the climate of Majorca is bad for the storage of fresh milk, the cheese-making has developed quite early. In the area of Campos cheese made from cow, goat and sheep milk is produced.

Significant value takes the Majorcan sobrasada, intensely flavored pork sausage with peppers one. It is used in many dishes of the island as an ingredient,

similar to the Spanish chorizo. In Mallorca is still often slaughtered in private, so you can find excellent quality sausage in the stores in the country.

An overview of the Mallorcan products would be incomplete without the Ensaimadas, a fine bun in worm form. No Majorcan breakfast would be possible without them.

Anyone who knows Spain will love the tapas. Especially in Mallorca you absolutely have to visit a bar in a village in the hinterland or the snack bar in one of the covered market to try it: small casseroles and mixed vegetables that are served in small bowls with white bread to wine as a snack.