Property Watersports in Porto Colom

Leisure and water sports in the fantastic Mediterranean in the south east of Mallorca
Porto Colom has a great range of water activities on offer. If you want to spend your vacation not only one of the beautiful beaches of Porto Colom with a good book, you learn everything heir to the water.

In this article we cut short the various leisure and water sports around the waters of Porto Colom on. There is a very wide range in Porto Colom Mallorca and surroundings to make your holiday active / sporty to design and interesting. Of course, we also have no objection to a relaxed (lazy), beach vacation, then are interesting to you our tips on the beaches in Porto Colom and the south east of Mallorca.

Motor Boat and Motorboat excursions to the southeast of Majorca in Porto Colom.
Whether they simply want to experience only the speed on the water with a fast ride, or enjoy a great boat the secluded bays along the coast in the southeast of Mallorca and Porto Colom. One can also see the impressive homes in the first place on the coast from Porto Colom from the sea very well. Of course, the motorboat Pass includes all you can of water sports equipment strutting behind a motorboat. Great fun for young and old in Porto Colom - the "banana" and the "donut". You can be sitting or lying on a rubber device on the beautiful coast from Porto Colom and the fantastic real estate in first line behind the boat by pulling through the water. Of course you can also go water-skiing, mono-skiing, wakeboarding and wakeskate.
Even if you have your own flat in Porto Colom, means that there is still no long that you have your own Motorboor in the port of Porto Colom. Or simply make a holiday in Porto Colom, and are in touch with anyone here own a motorboat. No problem!
There are several boat rental in Porto Colom. We provide the MIC Balear team like a motor boat charter, just ask if interested.

Sailboat / sailing in the southeast of Mallorca and Porto Colom. It is possible from the port of Porto Colom in a sailboat, yacht, catamaran (the selection is great) to charter and tour the coast in the south east of Mallorca. It is possible to take tours or day charter with skipper and spend a beautiful day at sea.
As always we provide from the MIC Balear team, you like a supplier.

Sailing for children. In the port of Porto Colom, there is also a sailing school for children. This is to say on so called "optimists" Minisegelbötchen of the sailing so small learned. Then the children is also something available. There are regular sailing competitions organized for the children in Porto Colom. Unfortunately, this knowledge of Spanish is a requirement.

Kayaking around Porto Colom. Whether you like calm and relaxed explore the coast from Porto Colom, or want to paddle sports, is up to you. Many property owners here in Porto Colom have their own kayak. For those who spend your holiday in Porto Colom there is the possibility to rent a kayak - there's info with us by MIC Balear. For more information about kayaking in Porto Colom find Be appropriate in the article.

Diving in the waters of Porto Colom. There are three diving schools in Porto Colom and environment. Here you can register an experienced diver with diving certificate for a dive trip / dive on the coast from Porto Colom. In general, there will be two to three times daily excursions. Beginners can sign up for a diving course. The coast and the underwater world of Porto Colom has much to offer! Whether you own in Porto Colom, make one of our holiday vacation rentals, or your own property here, the underwater world of Porto Colom is an experience - "Dive" is worth it! For more information about diving in Porto Colom and diving schools, you get with us, from the MIC Balear team on demand.

Snorkelling around Porto Colom. The underwater world of Porto Colom is also quite an experience when you hold her head under water! It does not need to dive deep into the bottle to go for great fish and experience the underwater area of Porto Colom. Sure - great fish you can in one of the beautiful restaurants in Porto Colom to do on your plate! But actually you can already share with the snorkel gear on marine life of Porto Colom. There are good snorkeling spots in Porto Colom, which are also quite easy to achieve. For more information about snorkeling in Porto Colom it in a separate article, and of course as always with us, from the MIC Balear team on demand.

Swimming in Porto Colom. What is meant is not only the splashing in Kinderpipi warm, knee-deep water on one of the beautiful beaches of Porto Colom. This refers to the sport or regenerative swimming. Very suitable for training purposes is a swim from the beach Arenal on the peninsula of Porto Colom Sa Punta. From the beach in Sa Punta Arenal, you swim towards the exit port of Porto Colom. At the exit, directly below the lighthouse at Porto Colom is a single rock in the water. From the beach to the rocks around and back is about 970m. However, because you can swim in the sea never really the right line, one can speak of a 1,000 m track. Also ideal for training purposes. How often do you swim the distance behind the other and the style is of course up to you. Watch for boats crossing the harbor entrance of Porto Colom. The track is actually very safe, but you should always be vigilant when you swim outside the Badebegrenzung. Here you can also drive boats.
Another point to swim in the sea (also in Porto Colom) is to respect, are jellyfish. Good tip: when onshore winds are especially likely to jellyfish.
For beginners, want to trust the 1000m track not quite, but still swim auserhalb the bathing area was closed off, said that there is a ladder half way along the coast. Here you can pause and get out if necessary.
There is also a "natural bathtub" something hidden in this area of the coastline of Sa Punta. In this Basewanne the water is about 30cm, is warm and all the wind and secluded from the outside (that is also a good tip for more "water" with the partner). On the coast line, you can also marvel at the fantastic real estate in first line of Porto Colom. In winter you can either use a wet bathing suit or go to one of the indoor pools or in Felanitx Cala d'Or. Happy of course the one who, when it was flat in Porto Colom has a heated pool!

Cliff jumping in Porto Colom.
Not safe grad, but bad for many of the thrill out.
Please always remain reasonable, so that the beautiful holiday in Porto Colom ends not in the hospital! In Porto Colom, there are some spots to cliff jumping, which are relatively easy to achieve. E.g. on the peninsula of Porto Colom Sa Punta and the "Ibiza Chalet House complex.
There will one in the cliffs of Sa Punta worked up stairs down to and into the sea.
Here you can at various points and heights to jump into the sea. A well-to-reach ladder provides an easy exit. From here, start the climbers involved in the cliffs of Porto Colom "Freeklimben climbing" - but this in another article.
Furthermore, there is the beach in Sa Punta Arenal on the above Swim course several ways to jump into the water. The coastline offers a variety of exits and heights to jump. You can also jump well from the rock in the harbor of Porto Colom (approximately 3m high). Daber is to make sure that no one jumps to the coastal side, there is a rock under water (but really very visible!). Shoes are a must anyway, because the rock is cracked from where very sharp. The cliffs below the lighthouse is at the harbor entrance of Porto Colom used by the local "daredevils" (or "Disillusioned" probably because everyone has a different view of things) to the cliff jumping. Here you can jump from up to about 16m. Of these, however, is strongly discouraged! The beautiful holiday in Porto Colom will not end up in hospital in Manacor and Palma de Mallorca. Info, as always with us, from the MIC Balear team on demand.

Windsurfing around Porto Colom. The port of Porto Colom bay is ideal for windsurfing and to learn from windsurfing. As the natural harbor of Porto Colom is well shielded from the open sea, the sea is usually very quiet.
Owners of property in Porto Colom, have perhaps a windsurf board in your own country house or apartment if you do, however, in one of our villas or apartments vacation and not have a surfboard with you, we can help you if necessary. Surf lessons for beginners, we can give of MIC Balear you by arrangement. Just ask.

Pedal boat in Porto Colom.
Probably in the area as a recreational sport includes Tretbötchen, which can be hired on the beach of the bay of Cala Marçal in Porto Colom. If one game in the pedals, can of course be made of any "walking junk boat" a racing boat or sports equipment. ... Grade for families with young children is the Tretbötchen from the beach of Porto Colom great fun. Dangers, of course, outside the swimming area. Makie buoys in the water from the beach far into the bay from the Cala Marçal the driving range. Please do not drive into the swimming area.
The handling of the pedal is simple - YES, mom can too!!
Some have pedal boats can drop even a small slide at the kids to swimming.