Property kayak in Porto Colom

Leisure paddling in pristine coves.
Explore with the kayak the bay of Porto Colom and the coast line! Look at the homes in the first line of Porto Colom in the kayak!
If you own a flat in Porto Colom, you may have your own kayak (If you are a property owner in Porto Colom, and possibly even a client of MIC Balear want to buy a kayak, we can also advise you!). When you spend your holidays in Porto Colom (for example, in one of our beautiful vacation rentals) you certainly have not brought your own kayak to Mallorca. In this case, there is one in Porto Colom kayaks.

Kayaking around Porto Colom is fun for the whole family. Whether you go for a drive only one lap in the port of Porto Colom or athletic properly left to spend is entirely up to you. But it is certain that both the bay of Porto Colom, and the surrounding coast from Porto Colom has with its many coves and caves, some passable to offer and is a true holiday experience.

The items of equipment. In the kayak rental in Porto Colom, there are usually Zweipersonenkajaks. Is not the worst, but also on holiday in Porto Colom shared double joy joy! These two kayaks and enough space for two adults and a child is transported. Absolutely Suitable for families!

They are offered for rental in Porto Colom kayaks completely closed and you are sitting practically on top and not inside. These kayaks are unsinkable and suitable for beginners. Anxious people must have no bad feeling about possibly capsize or to remain stuck in the tipped kayak under water - that's not possible! Thus, even the biggest scaredy cat safely enjoy the holidays "kayak around Porto Colom enjoy.

The oars or paddles are available in different sizes. Lump sum should the paddle perpendicular to the ground, his standing as long as your height with an outstretched arm upward with the paddle should extend to the palm. Since you are in the case of Mietkajaks from Porto Colom on the kayak and not to sit, that is a little increased than normal, the paddle can also calm a little longer.
The kayak paddle to be confused with the Kanuruder. Also, a kayak not a canoe!
- The kayak paddle has two paddles (shovels) to a rod that you reach into the middle with both hands.
- The canoe paddle has a paddle and is gripped in the middle of the bar and at the end of the rod.
- The steering techniques are fundamentally different.
To complete the explanation of the difference from kayak to canoe is as follows:
- The canoe is on the top side completely open, more like a small hull. A canoe is not good at it on the open sea to ride, as it waves only partly compatible. The canoe can be filled with water and capsize - then you can swim back to Porto Colom.
- The kayak is open only to the driver's seat and can be sealed completely.
- The Mietkajaks from Porto Colom are completely closed and you are sitting on top.

Other equipment and security for the kayaking around Porto Colom.
Do not miss out of convenience to a life jacket! The kayak rental in Porto Colom his rented kayaks with life jackets anyway. We need not talk about the benefits of a "life saving" life jacket! The coast from Porto Colom is not the Cape Horn, but safety always comes first!
For the safety on the water before Porto Colom includes a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen. Even if you are on the beach of Porto Colom still get along without me, yet the sun of Majorca on the water is a multiple intense.
Evening on your country property or in your holiday home in Porto Colom, is it too late - the first Place in Redlobstercontest is guaranteed. So put some cream on the water of Porto Colom -! A sun hat is also advised to avoid sunstroke.

The items of equipment for kayak trips around Porto Colom was also a small rope and possibly include a small anchor. So you can canoe to bind together and swim time at anchor, or possibly to go snorkeling. The sea around Porto Colom is perfect for snorkeling!

If you do not wish to paddle from a beach restaurant in Porto Colom to neighbor, take something to drink with their kayak. Of course, NO alcohol!

The docks and the bay of Porto Colom is perfect for kayaking beginners make in order to rest in familiar with the handling. In the bay of Porto Colom, the sea is protected from waves and accordingly much calmer! In the harbor of Porto Colom guaranteed no one will get seasick. Even the view from the kayak in the harbor, the old town of Porto Colom and Porto Colom on the coast of real estate located absolutely worth seeing!
Not to mention - the Lighthouse of Porto Colom - a real postcard!

Advanced kayakers leave the harbor or explore the bay of Porto Colom and the coastline. E.g. You can paddle from the beach s'Arenal to the beach in the Cala Marcal (both beaches in Porto Colom). That would be if you stay the bay of Porto Colom on the open sea (of course, always close to the coast! Leave!) And drive along on your right side, the cliffs of Porto Colom. The coastline of Porto Colom looks from this perspective, very impressive! Property electrons partially above the sea, and over Porto Colom. Longer tours on the coast from Porto Colom to Cala Marçal are only recommended for advanced users. It is easy to misjudge the distance and distance, not to mention their own strengths, so that the port of Porto Colom moves in the distance. The weather can swirl, currents and winds can be dangerous too close to the coast from Porto Colom! So with all fun outside of the safe harbor of Porto Colom, it is always to be reasonable, so that you enjoy your wonderful vacation in Porto Colom still can!

For more information on the water around Porto Colom we stand for, your team of MIC Balear, happy to help!