The traditional walls of the balearic islands.

The typical majorcan stone walls or dry walls can be found everywhere on Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. Even here in Porto Colom they are present around many properties and fincas.
Porto Colom and all over the island is littered with these often a hundred or more years old walls, the land, streets, roads, houses and villas fence.

The profession of "Margers - Trockenmaurer goes - in the tradition of Mallorca to the 13th Century. In the mid 1980's this old Mallorcan craft was almost extinct, today Margers have revival. Many owners of properties in Porto Colom, such as villas, chalets or cottage for the Mallorca holiday appreciate this beautiful, traditional and typical Majorcan walls.

Limestones of different sizes are selected, processed and stacked. Everything is placed by hand, only by means of seemingly almost antique tools such as sledgehammers, hammers and pickaxes in the form of dry aufeinandergereiht and wedged. Without the use of cement or mortar creates a stable wall, which is more durable than many cement structures. They rush in wind and weather, a slower than fixed connections, water seeks a way through and tears with not equal everything.

There are now in Soller again a school where you can learn the profession of Margers from scratch. The training center is under the care of the Majorcan Island Council of Mallorca, which is always ready to promote old traditions in Mallorca.

Apart from the photos on this article, you can also look very nice for a few good examples of dry stone walls in Majorca in Porto Colom one of our exciting sports videos.