Portocolom is one of the most beautiful sites in Mallorca. We invite you to discover why.

Portocolom, its landscapes, beaches, buildings and its people.

The charm of each site is not only in its geography and landscape, but in its people and in what sensations it makes us feel. Portocolom is one of those special sites. Part of the Municipality of Felanitx, it is a town of approximately 4,800 permanent inhabitants, on the edge of the Mediterranean, with a natural port that has historically had an important commercial traffic and is now used as a recreational fishing and nautical port.

Before arriving, from the road between Portocolom and Felanitx, you see a panoramic view of the Portocolom´s Lighthouse, located on the cliff of Sa Punta, 42 meters above sea level; a bicentennial construction and one of the most photographed Mallorca, gives us an idea of ​​the magic and picturesque of the place.

Sa Punta, the Lighthouse area, is one of the most exclusive and quiet of Portocolom, surrounded by coves such as S´Arenal, S´Algar, Es Babo or the Baths of Cleo, make it one of the most nicests natural sites where to cool off, relax or do some nautical activity and enjoy its incredible sunsets and discover the diversity of life beneath the clarity of its waters. If you want to stop to eat or drink, you can do it in the two beach bars located on and above the beach.

This year, a pedestrian path has been enabled, in addition to the one used for cars, motorcycles and bicycles, to go from Sa Punta to the old part of Portocolom, ideal for those who prefer running or jogging.

This road takes us directly to Es Riuetó, a colorful jetty that maintains the historic structure of the port, with its sheds and ramps, where the traditional boats of the island are still kept and moored: the Llats, making it area, one of the most picturesque and peaceful places in town.

By passing Es Riuetó, you'll find the oldest side of Portocolom, with its central plaza, church and typical Mallorcan houses.
Crossing the old part of the town, you will arrive at the Port and commercial and gastronomic center of Portocolom. It is made up of houses, flats, shops and chalets that vary in style.

In this area, you can enjoy sea excursions, shopping, and many and varied options for lunch, dinner or enjoy an afternoon with friends. Its most important cove is the Marsal, where volleyball championships are held during most of the summer season.
If what you are looking for is a place to stay with plenty of space and tranquility, you can find it in any of the farms (most of the in Mediterranean style), located around the urban center.
Portocolom is not just a summer destination; it is a place to enjoy all year round and is constantly growing. SBM Schaak Team hope to see you around soon!