Skateboard, Longboard, Downhill Skateboard and rollerblading - a Funsports in the south east of Mallorca.

Not only for the youth who brings your holiday / vacation and leisure time in Porto Colom, but Funsportbegeisterte for all ages, we have some good tips! Even for the property owner or owners, who spends several times a year holiday in Porto Colom, we will probably still have some interesting information.
In this article we go less on the equipment than to the fun sport venues around Porto Colom, Felanitx, Cala d'Or and the rest of south-east of Mallorca an.

For the enthusiastic youth skateboard seems Porto Colom and times suitable due to the environment has been not very good quality asphalt. However, there are in Porto Colom and Cala d'Or good local spots. In Porto Colom will meet the "locals" at the village square "Plaza Comerç" to skate, where the residents are less enthusiastic about the noise ...

A real (in 2010 at newly built) Skate Spot / Mini Skate Park is located in Cala d'Or just 12 minutes by car from Porto Colom. Right next to the pool and the Policia Local of Cala Dor is the mini skate park, next to tennis and basketball courts.
In the Mini Skate Park Cala D'or there Ramps, quarter, rails, banks and the whole thing with a decent, new concrete pavement. Everyone wants to can, here and meet like-minded free skate from Cala d'Or, Porto Colom, Felanitx and the rest of south-east of Mallorca.
Lovely, too, that the Skate Park in Cala d'Or is not crowded, everyone can skate at once.
Protectors and helmet do not forget the Porto Colom holiday should not even end up in hospital! And security is never "uncool" so much is "safe"!

Cala d'Or is it also a skate shop that does not have any huge choice, but everything necessary is available. The Skate Shop in Cala d'Or just 12 minutes by car from Porto Colom is located - very convenient that one because of a broken screw axis does not have to drive to Palma de Majorca! Information about the Skate Shops in Palma de Mallorca and Cala d'Or we give, the SBM Schaak's team on request.

Longboard downhill skateboarding or by around Porto Colom and the south east of Mallorca. Not only for water fun sports such as wakeboarding or Wakeskate Porto Colom is ideal! (Gives tips on water sports in Porto Colom it in another article!). From Porto Colom and Felanitx one has a radius of about 10-15 minutes absolutely fantastic Longboard Downhill Board or conditions. There is something for every need. It is really worth the longboard for the holidays to Porto Colom bring. Depending on the size and the airline is expected to lock luggage surcharge. That would be max. € 25, - extra cost. Better before traveling to your vacation Mallorca check with the airline.

Longboard for beginners is suitable, the region above Porto Colom between the golf course Vall D'or Golf and Sorta, at the foot of Castell de Santueri. Here there are paved well, little-used paths and roads that lead through the hilly beautiful Mallorcan countryside. The slightly sloping paths lead again in slopes. Ideal for beginners, who dominate the brakes yet, because after a light schussing always follows a rise and so the journey is slowed down by itself. Besides the fact that you can learn here very well the basics of Longboardens, the area above Porto Colom between Vall D'or Golf and Sorta is a scenic delight! Between the typical dry Mallorca, sheep pastures, pristine villas with tomato plantations, fruit and almond trees and impressive and beautiful homes in a prime location, can be relaxed cruising with the longboard. However, even this longboard line at the end of Porto Colom in the direction Sorta a challenging departure. Here we have speeds of well over 50 km / h measured. The novice takes this exit then better sitting on the board ... Though even this fast descent leads to a slope and thus naturally slows down. Ideal to be "slowly" but surely groping at high speeds. The descent measures about 350 m, one starts with a slight S curve, a sharp left turn (helmet not forget dear Alex!), Long degrees and a light but very fast right-hander is running, then run in a gradient. Accurate location information's as always, on our team from the SBM Schaak request. At this point we are still short one on the equipment. If you have at the Porto Colom leave up to this rapid descent, his all-round fun with a longboard, 'here is a Downhill Board with the appropriate setup already the first choice. Board and equipment is of course a personal matter of faith, it is common in any case, that also in Porto Colom, or the South East of Mallorca in Porschecup can not compete with a duck. Tips on Equipment's with us from the SBM Schaak team also happy on demand. Much should be said many times, big and broad roles that also tolerate ever rough asphalt, are unavoidable on the streets of Porto Colom and Felanitx.

The downhill and longboard spot for advanced quite close to Porto Colom and from your property or your vacation home is the road to Castell de Santueri.
Absolutely fun switchbacks with fast descents. Again, there are always rises, which slow down the ride somewhat, but you should control the braking. Beginners look better here too. The Mallorcan landscape here in the mountains of Castell de Santueri between Porto Colom and Felanitx, with its homes, villas and country houses are also worth seeing. Not to mention the magnificent views that can be enjoyed from the Castell de Santueri itself. You can see the lighthouse from Porto Colom and can recognize a good day even individual houses / homes in Porto Colom. Apart from this, one can very nicely the sometimes magnificent villas and houses, see the lie at the foot of the mountain in the direction of Porto Colom. More Info's, as always, on our team from the SBM Schaak demand.

The Professional Spot for Downhill skateboarding in the southeast of Mallorca, between Felanitx and Porto Colom is the Klosterberg Sant Salvador. Ca. 5 km and about 6.5% slope, fantastic serpentine in beautiful Mallorcan countryside. reach of Porto Colom in about 12 minutes by car. If you know here "start" to face the challenge of the downhill descent on his board "must be what he does! No Child's Birthday holiday in Majorca! Mallorca T-shirt and swimming trunks are definitely not the right clothing. Who should take his leather suit with the Majorca holiday. Helmet we need at this point probably scarcely mention!? So much fun departure from the Sant Salvador makes, one must be aware of the dangers. Not that the lovely holiday in Porto Colom in a hospital in Manacor and Palma de Mallorca ends. The upper part of the descent of Sant Salvador is partly secured only with low walls, who here makes a departure, is very deep. Great danger - oncoming traffic. Especially in the summer regular buses from Felanitx and Porto Colom go from high to the Monastery of Sant Salvador. The buses take up not only in secluded corners, the whole road! A sign on the Plató of Sant Salvador points to the driving of the buses - must stick to it! Winter is generally a result of fewer tourists on Mallorca and in Porto Colom much calmer and the safest time for this departure. The road surface is not bad, in some places even very good, although there are rough places in the departure of Sant Salvador with smaller holes. Furthermore, more likely to pollution.

Who his vacation in the south east of Mallorca, or even us at our Porto Colom, spends Sant Salvador Porto Colom and should be between Felanitx necessarily pay a visit. Whether with the Long Board, on foot or by car, just a really great attraction of Mallorca. For more information, we are from SBM Schaak team will, as always, happy to help. Buy your dream home with us in the southeast of Majorca, or book with us your holiday destination and experience the great opportunities offered Mallorca you.

On the subject of rollerblading in Majorca in Porto Colom. With cross-country roller blades, the streets and roads can around Porto Colom abskaten relaxed. The rollerbladers do not necessarily need a skate park or a wild departure at his sport while on holiday in Majorca to enjoy.