Felanitx - City and town among the beautiful south east of Mallorca.

Felanitx - city and town in the beautiful south east of Mallorca. Both property owners and tourists agree that Felanitx, with its port town of Porto Colom is one of the most beautiful parts of Mallorca. Learn more interesting facts.

Geography and nature of Felanitx:

The town of Felanitx and community located in the beautiful south-east of the popular holiday island of Mallorca.
To include the villages of Felanitx Ca's Concos, Cala Ferrera, Cala Serena It Carritxo, the city itself Felanitx, Porto Colom, s'Horta, Son Mesquida Son Negre, Poenc Son, Son Valls. The town of Felanitx has a total area of about 170 km.
Felanitx Migjorn belongs to the region in the south of Majorca.
Where Felanitx adjacent to the Serra de Llevant. The Puig de Sant Salvador on the outskirts of the town of Felanitx is the highest mountain in the Serra de Llevant. One can say that Felanitx although it clearly to the south of Majorca, the region belongs Migjorn, located on the border to the east and the Serra de Mallorca Llevant.

Culture & ambiance in Felanitx:

Especially recommended is the weekly market held every Sunday in the heart of Felanitx.
The towers above the town of Felanitx are particularly striking. They were used to detect and thwart enemies - such as to the pirates.

People and Culture in Felanitx:

The town of Felanitx is one of a total 18,000 inhabitants, of which about 16% foreigners.

90% of white wine from Mallorca comes from the region around Felanitx.

Famous sons of the municipality of Felanitx:
Christopher Columbus - more can be found in the "Stories and Legends"
the builder and sculptor Guillem Sagrera, the artist Miguel Barceló, the cycling champion Guillem Timoner (the golden jersey is on display in the monastery of Sant Salvador in Felanitx).

History of Felanitx:

1844 414 people were killed in an accident in Felanitx. Part of the Church of Sant Michaels collapsed in Felanitx in a fully occupied building. A plaque on a wall of the church today to remember the disaster of Felanitx.

The church in the heart of Felanitx "San Miguel" was built in 1248 and is an imposing landmark in itself. The large staircase in front of the Church of Felanitx Built in 1762 in baroque handle. That year is also the archangel Michael on the church elaborately carved in stone.

Felanitx 1886 by Queen Maria Cristina was officially appointed to the city.

Christofol Colom - Christopher Columbus.
The Museu de Colom in Felanitx, there are some documents that will prove very clear that the great navigator and explorer of the new world of Felanitx and Porto Colom is. According to the documents of Felanitx is Prince Charles of Viana (1421-1461) the father and a girl from Felanitx and Porto Colom (Margalida Colom) the mother.
The parents got to know and love, while the father and Crown Prince of Aragon for treason in the dungeon of the castle of lies Santueri (between Porto Colom and Felanitx) was detained. There he enjoyed because of its origin, despite the privilege of imprisonment by officials (who came from Felanitx) to be cared for. Margalida Colom (the mother, who comes from Porto Colom / Felanitx) was one of these staff. The result of their "special Versorgeung" of the "little prince" was her son Christofol Colom - Chris Columbus pot.
Later Christofol Colom gave to his origins and his true home (Felanitx and Porto Colom) not to betray, as a home to Genoa. But the similarity to the then King Ferdinand II was already very strong. No wonder so if you believe Felanitx and Porto Colom like they were nephew and uncle. Among other things, Christopher Columbus, who hardly spoke Italian, but Catalan.