The destination between Porto Colom and Felanitx

Sant Salvador - a true landmark in Mallorca for property owners and vacationers alike. The Klosterberg Sant Salvador Felanitx between Porto Colom and has much to offer. Part of the history of Mallorca and is ideal for a family outing or the challenge for the athlete. Find out more useful information on Sant Salvador!

Between Felanitx and Porto Colom in the southeast of Majorca Monastery of Sant Salvador is situated on the 509 m high mountain Puig de Sant Salvador. The Puig Sant Salvador with the monastery of Sant Salvador is one of the bedeuternsten pilgrimage sites of Mallorca and the highest mountain in the Serra de Llevant. Today, a well-developed serpentine road which is off to the main road from Felanitx Porto Colom, up to the monastery of Sant Salvador. On the way up to the monastery of Sant Salvador you will pass not only at various vantage points, including a small chapel and a large stone cross with a vantage point along the way. But the driveway (5.3 km) to the Monastery of Sant Salvador is a landmark in itself. The serpentine route by car is quite an experience, by bicycle or on foot have a real challenge. Sports fans from all over the island are extra to the Puig Sant Salvador in Porto Colom (Felanitx respectively) to challenge the increase by bike (mountain or road bike to master) and then as a reward to enjoy the rapid descent. Other daredevils come from all over the island to Porto Colom extra (or Felanitx) at the exit from the mountain Sant Salvador on roller blades or skateboards / longboards to master. Beside the road is the original foot-pilgrimage to the monastery of Sant Salvador, which is popular with walkers.

You can say that the Klosterberg of Sant Salvador in Porto Colom (Felanitx or) for tourists and residents equally popular destination is Majorca.

At the top of the Puig Sant Salvador itself is located next to the monastery buildings, a chapel, beneath a 37m high Jesus statue that seems to watch over Felanitx and Porto Colom. Who has done all the way from Felanitx and Porto Colom by bike or on foot, the start must not hungry or thirsty, the departure or the descent, the monastery restaurant serves lunch and dinner. Furthermore, there is next to the monastery of Sant Salvador, a cafe with snacks and cakes. The Magnificent is the breathtaking view you can enjoy from the top of Sant Salvador. One sees Porto Colom, Cala d'Or, Cala Murada, the sea, the beautiful landscape, the Plato of only one ridge away Castell de Santueri and on good days, the island of Cabrera.

Sporting events -
Once a year is a race of Felanitx to the mountaintop of Sant Salvador. (Look for the exact date please visit our calendar of events). Everyone is invited to participate.

There is also 1x in a real race at Puig Sant Salvador, with many of the attractive car. The spectators come not only from Felanitx and Porto Colom, but from all over the island to follow the spectacle. Of valuable vintage cars, Jung timer, Formelcars and prototypes to the revamped Proposchlitten for every taste. It is the hill climb so fast as possible to drive up the hill to the summit - in this case - from Felanitx from the switchbacks up to the Monastery of Sant Salvador. Wild, spectacular drifts and accidents often get the spectators from all over the island offered here at the hill climb of Sant Salvador (Felanitx). The whole course, with free admission.

Sant Salvador is among the inhabitants of Porto Colom and Felanitx also very popular as a Sunday destination for picnicking and barbecuing. Around the monastery of Sant Salvador, there are many extra-scale barbecue areas (other than the usual barbecue utensils, one should forget his own grill not!).


After the beginning of the 14th century hermits settled in a cave at the Puig Sant Salvador, set read King Pere IV of Aragon in 1348 the foundation stone for the monastery of Sant Salvador. At that time, what is the monastery of Sant Salvador, of course, only on foot and to reach very difficult, it was nevertheless quick to main pilgrim places in Mallorca. 1715 was the church of Sant Salvador because of the increasing flow of pilgrims from all over the island be removed as they can be visited today.
Auctioned in 1885 the town of Felanitx, the monastery buildings.
Until 1992, lived and ruled monks of Sant Salvador.
From 1992 to today manage two Majorcan families Sant Salvador - they run the restaurant and a small hotel with 12 rooms.