Terms of Contract

1st Booking:
After contacting the office of SBM Schaak you will receive a written booking agreement you send back signed (by e-mail or fax). The customer is obliged by his signature to stand, also in the name of all passengers, for all contractual obligations under the lease terms. Basis of the contract are only the on the day of booking and for travel period made property description. The accommodations may not be occupied by more persons as registered.

2nd Payment:
The deposit of 20% of the rent is payable within 10 days of receipt of the booking agreement. Only after receiving the payment the reservation is binding. About the receipt deposit you will not receive a separate confirmation. The final payment must be received no later than four weeks before arrival, without further invitation. Late payment or non-payment shall be deemed to resign and entitles SBM Schaak, relet the accommodation and to demand from defaulting customers, the cancellation fee.

3rd Services and prices:
The extent of the contractual services are resulting from the information of the reservation agreement. Agreements that change the scope of these services require the written consent of SBM Schaak.

If the customer does not claim benefits, with reasons which are not understandable for SBM Schaak, there is no requirement of the customer to a pro rata refund.

4th Withdrawal / Transfers:
Upon cancellation of the contract by the customer following cancellation charges will be levied:

  • Up to 90 days before arrival: 10% of the rent
  • To 60 days prior to arrival: 25% of the rent
  • To 30 days prior to arrival: 50% of the rent
  • Up to 1 day before arrival: 80% of the rent
  • On the day of arrival: 100% of the rent

Crucial to the calculation of the cancellation is receiving in our office. If the customer request changes to passenger, destination, travel date or accommodation, a service charge of 25, - € will be charged. If the above described transfer is not possible, a withdrawal made from the travel contract to the above conditions and new registration is necessary. All statements regarding the customer changes or cancellation must be in writing and need to be confirmed in writing by SBM Schaak

5th Service changes:
If the residence is changed negatively much, endangered or impaired due to unforeseeable force majeure (eg strikes, war, disasters, etc.) so both parties can terminate the contract. In this case, the liability of SBM Schaak is a maximum of the repayment of the paid tour price.

6th Holiday:
The booked holiday property is not owned by SBM Schaak, it is only arranged by SBM Schaak. SBM Schaak is authorized by the respective owner to act in the own behalf but for the account of their respective owners.

The rented flat may maximum be used with the persons indicated in the confirmation. If a overcrowding takes places, both SBM Schaak and the owner have the right to reject surplus people.

Electricity, gas, water and heating are included as costs in the rent. For the final cleaning, bed linen and towels a one-time fee is charged.

7th Liability of SBM Schaak:
SBM Schaak arranges your reservation to the lessor / owner of your holiday home and is liable under the ordinary duty of care for the conscientious merchants handling the renting, the careful selection and monitoring of service providers, the correctness of the performance and for the proper provision of services contracted. A liability for transient disturbances in the water-/ electrical power supply or disturbances by natural causes or local events will be excluded, also we are not responsible for the continuing willingness of installations such as heating, pool, etc. and for the period from September to June for noise nuisance from construction activities on neighboring properties.

8th Warranty:
If a performance by SBM Schaak are not or not provided with the contract, the customer may require, within a reasonable time remedy. SBM Schaak is authorized to create by providing an equal or higher compensation remedy. This may be refused if it requires a disproportionate effort. If benefits are not provided under the contract, it must be reported immediately to the spot.

9th Obligations of the tenant:
At about any fault the customer is obliged to do everything under the statutory provisions, to help remedy the problem and keep the possible damage low. The customer is obliged in particular to tell his complaints immediately to SBM Schaak or the local housing management. Complaints by the end of vacation can otherwise not be considered. Without the express consent of SBM Schaak customers who leave the accommodation prematurely, lose any claim to a possible refund of the rent.

The rented accommodation is clean, i.e. broom and leave cabinet clean. The customer has to treat the property, together with inventory carefully. He is obliged to report losses occurring during his stay time to SBM Schaak. The customer is personally liable for the damage it causes.

If the customer or one of the persons accompanying him on holiday treats the holiday home not carefully despite warning, the immediate cancellation of the agreement by SBM Schaak is justified. Any additional costs incurred by the customer.

10th Pets:
For the transportation of pets the prior consent of the landlord is required. The tenant is liable for all damages caused by the animal. Within the facility dogs must be kept on a leash.

11th Cots and high chairs:
Tenants can book cots and highchairs, where available, and only after prior reservation - for a fee of 25, - € / week.

12th Arrival / Departure:
The leased property may as a rule - if a pre-booking of the house exists - based on arrival day from about 4 p.m., on the departure the tenant leaves the house by 10 a.m.. If you want to live in the house longer due to a late return flight, so please arrange this with us.

SBM Schaak charges the customer for key handover after 7 p.m. € 30 or € 50 after 10 p.m..

13th Other provisions:
Jurisdiction for any disputes arising from the aforementioned agency contract is Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands. The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the conciliation agreement shall not invalidate the entire contract.

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